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Title for episodes 1 & 2
Where does Conner, Ethan & Kira find the dino gems?
Mesogog really is?
What two Power Rangers teams did the Dino Thunder Rangers team up with?
Who is the brains of the group?
Who is responsible for Tommy not being able to de-morph for awhile?
Thanks to Mesogog, Terrence 'Smitty' Smith becomes who?
Elsa poses as who?
Dino Thunder is based off which Super Sentai series?
What happen to Trent's biological parents?
Tommy created the Dino Thunder powers with who?
Where do the rangers go to school?
Cassidy tries to find out what?
Who does Tommy fight in his dream?
Name of the megazord?
What causes Trent to turn evil
Cassidy's sidekick is?
Kira inspires to be what?
What are the rangers updgrade?
Who created the tyrannodrones?
What is Conner's battleizer called?
Zeltrax wants to destory who?
Mesogog's main goal is?
How does Mesogog first power up his cannon in the finale?
Title for the two part season finale

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