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What college did Nathan transfer to?
Before his accident what NBA team was planning on drafting Nathan?
While in LA, what was Peyton’s position at Sire Records?
Who did Chris & Haley open up for on tour?
The gang gets Mouth out of jail in which small town?
When Haley returns back home after the tour, a student picks on her and calls her what singer?
Haley punches who’s mom because their kid was picking on Jamie?
At the end of season 8, when Nathan visits Dan what does he give him?
Who did Dan think started the fire at the dealership?
Brooke's Godchildern are
Who came up with the name Tric?
What are the names of Brooke & Julian’s twins?
Which “Dawson’s Creek” star played Adam Reese, the director of Lucas’s film
Mouth got a sports anchor job in which city during season six?
What singer played Haley’s dad
Jake overheard Peyton say what in her sleep?
In season 1, Karen went to culinary school in which country?
In “Pictures of You”, who was Peyton originally paired with?
Who invested in Peyton’s label?
Nathan traded his car for what?
In the season 5 premier which band did Peyton recommend her boss to sign?
Where is Andy from?
Lindsey found the engagement ring where?
Who rescued Jamie from Carrie?
Which athlete suprised Jamie at his 7th birthday party?
Gavin DeGraw makes appearances in which seasons?
Who did Jamie and Lydia stay with while Nathan was missing?
Who are Davis and Jude's godparents?
Where did Karen come up with the name Lily?
In the series finale, who did Clay & Quinn run into at the courthouse?
What was the name of the baby Brooke was taking care of in season 5?

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