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Brooke, Peyton, Lindsay, Haley and Mia get locked in where?
Before Peyton headed off to LA, she and Lucas were going to see what band?
Who is the father of Bevin's son?
Julian's TV show is called what?
Where did Brooke send Nikki to go looking for Jake?
Clay remembers his son is?
Lucas and Keith briefly moved where?
True or False: Did Jamie break Nathan's record?
Brooke's new clothing line is called?
Which former character made an cameo apperance towards the end of season 9?
Lydia Scott is named after who?
Haley and Brooke opended what back up?
How did Nathan end up in a wheelchair?
In the series finale what did Nathan give Chris?
Lucas sold Tric to who?
What state is Tree Hill in?
Haley got ordained from where?
What are Peyton's birth parent's names?
Quinn's ex husband David ended up with who?
Who killed Quentin 'Q'

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