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Name of the hospital on the show?
Where did House and Cuddy first meet?
Before Chase became a doctor he was originally going to become what?
In which episode did Cuddy adopt Rachel?
Who is the billionaire chairman of the board who wanted House fired?
What does House have to do so Cameron will rejoin the team after Vogler left?
Who becomes the new Dean of Medicine in season 8?
In season 8 what is Wilson diagnosed with?
How did Amber Volakis die?
Where did Cameron go after resigning from the team?
In 'Finding Judas' who makes a deal with Tritter?
Foreman was afraid of becoming who?
How did Chase become a member of House's team?
Which Emmy winning actress played Cuddy's mom Arlene?
What school did House get kicked out of for cheating?
Dave Matthews was the patient of the week in which episode?
Taub was this before joining the team?
Thirteen has what disease?
When House returns to PPTH after being released from prison what happen to the DDX room?
True or False: Wilson slept with on his patients?
Name of the psychiatric hospital House went to?
What did House do at the end of the series finale?

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