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Come on, u gotta know this one!
Parodied by Linsay Lohan on 'SNL'
Red-haired twin that died
Lost an ear
Often says: 'Bloody Hell'
Faced nine raids at the ministry
Weasley brother that is (was) a prefect (books 1-3)
Lives in Romania
Marries a Triwizard Tournament champion
Child of the person above
Mother of the person above
Killed by Wormtail (on the order of Voldi)
Doesn't say the 't' in 'all right'
Harry's first crush
Friend of the person above
Tom Marvolo Riddle
The greatest sorcerer in the world
Brother of the person above
Sister of the person above
Mother of the person above
Old friend of Albus
The Half- Blood Prince
Head of Gryffindor House
Herbology teacher
The 'little' teacher
Wants you to 'look beyond!'
Arithmancy teacher
Hagrid's substitute
Hospital wing
Headmaster before Dumbledore
Potions master in 6th part
Sirius' grandfather/ headmaster of Hogwarts
DADA teacher in 1st part
DADA teacher in 2nd part
DADA teacher in 3rd part
DADA teacher in 4th part
Auror that was supposed to teach DADA
DADA teacher in 5th part
'DADA' teacher in 7th part
Muggle studies teacher in 7th part
Muggle studies teacher killed by Voldemort
Killed by the basilisk
The prankster ghost
Hufflepuff ghost
Guards Gryffindor Common Room
Centaur that taught at Hogwarts
Gryffindor Ghost
Ravenclaw ghost
Slytherin ghost
Slytherin (first name)
Gryffindor(first name)
Ravenclaw(first name)
Hufflepuff(first name)
Once replaced the Fat Lady
Harry's enemy in school
Father of the person above
Wife of the person above
Sister of the person above
Sister of the person above
Husband of the person above
Daughter of the person above
Son of the person above
Ginny's first bf
Ginny's second bf
'Dad's a muggle, mum's a witch'; Gryffindor
A klutzy Gryffindor
Gryfindor student that has a twin
Ravenclaw that has a twin
Gryffindor that had a thing for Hermione (not red-haired)
Draco's sorta 'gf'
Draco's wife
First person to be sorted in the 1st part
Annoying person at DA meetings
Gryffindor that was part of DA; character not in books!
Hufflepuff; girl prefect; member of DA
Percy's gf
Petrified male Hufflepuff
Gryffindor that adores Harry
Brother of the person above
Sent chocolates to Harry
Hufflepuff; boy prefect; member of DA
Harry's godfather
Harry's father
Harry's mother
Death eater; last name starts w/ 'a'
Death eater; name starts with 'y'
Death Eater and a ministry official
Ancient Runes teacher
Head of the Department of Games and Sports
Great Aunt of Gellert Grindelwald
Dumbledore's male crush?
Ravenclaw student year above Harry (Marcus...)
Slytherin captain
Gryffindor captain
Gryffindor Chaser; cursed by necklace
Gryffindor Chaser; George's wife
Gryffindor chaser
Commentator at games; Gryffindor
'Loony's' father
History of Magic teacher
Mother of the person above
Has an aunt in the ministry; Hufflepuff
The aunt from above
Creator of the famous every flavor beans
Ron's first gf
Muggle killed by Voldemort in 4th part
Hogwarts' squib caretaker
Ron turned into him in the 7th part
Wife of the person above
Matron of Voldemort's orphanage
Muggle- born; head of the Goblin Liaison Office
Father of a death eater that was killed by his son
Fleur's sister
Cedric's father
Came to escort the Dursleys to a safe house
Harry's cousin
Harry's aunt
Harry's uncle
Sister of the person above
Death Eater; killer of Remus Lupin
Harry's squib neighbor
Founder of the sorcerer's stone
Almost murdered by Mrs. Figg
First minister of magic introduced
Voldemort's grandfather
Voldemort' mother
Voldemort's uncle
Hagrid's half-brother
Teacher of flying
Improper Use of Magic employee
Teased Moaning Myrtle
Killed by Voldemort in the 4th part
Headmaster of Durmstrang
Neville's mother
Neville's grandmother
Nevlle's father
Death Eater; executioner
Abraxas Malfoy
Headmistress of Beauxbatons
Filch's cat
Department of Magical Law Enforcment
Owner of the Elder Wand (first brother)
Owner of the Resurrection Stone (second brother)
Owner of the Invisibility Cloak (third brother)
Member of the OofP; imprisoned in Azkaban
Second son of Harry and Ginny
First son of Ginny and Harry
Daughter of Harry and Ginny
Killed by aurors; childhood friend of Snape
'Ron fancies her'
Author of 'Fantastic beasts and where to find them'
Luna's husband
Minister of Magic after Fudge
Minister of Magic at the end of the books
Conductor of the Knight Bus
Reporter for the Daily Prophet
Robbed by Voldemort
Minister of Magic under the Imperius Curse
Son of Ron and Hermione
Daughter of Ron and Hermione
Slytherin student in Harry's year
Hagrid's big spider
Ginny's Pygmy Puff
Centaur that lives in the Forbidden Forest
Hippogriff owned by Hagrid
Hermione's cat
A house-elf that loves harry
Klutzy owl belonging to the Weasleys
Hagrid's dog
Mother of Hagrid
Goblin, killed by Death Eaters
Goblin, works at Gringotts Bank
Harry's owl
Percy's owl
House-elf that belongs to Hepzibah Smith
Giant, friendly with the Order
Black family house-elf
Ron's annoyin aunt at the wedding
Voldemort's snake
Dragon belonging to Hagrid
3-headed dog
Ron's owl
Sorts students
Barty Crouch's house-elf
Daughter of George and Angelina
Son of George and Angelina
Death Eater that killed the McKinnons
Teacher of Astronomy
Snatcher that captures Harry and others
Death Eater, father of Theodore
Has an acne problem
DADA teacher before Harry's time

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