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Name the Name the WWE/TNA wrestler by theme song HIGH DIFFICULTY!!!

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Title (promotion/gender in brackets)Wrestler
Trouble (TNA, male)
Spin The Bottle (WWE, female)
Whatever (WWE, male)
Puppets on a String (TNA, female)
Nobodies (TNA, stable)
Femme Fatale (WWE, female)
Weekend Rockstar (WWE, male)
Born To Win (WWE, male)
Killer Queen (TNA, female)
Rise Above (TNA, male)
Feedback (TNA, male)
Controlled Chaos (WWE, stable)
Spiteful (WWE, female)
Unhinged (TNA, female)
Another Me (TNA, male)
The Beaten Path (TNA, male)
Blood Brother (WWE, male)
I Told You So (WWE, male)
Feelin' Me (WWE, female)
I Tease, U Touch (TNA, female)
Raging of the Region (TNA, male)
Say It To My Face (WWE, male)
And The Horse He Rode In On (WWE, male)
Next Level (WWE, male)
Sultry (XO) (WWE, female)
G.O.A.T. (WWE, male)
Title (promotion/gender in brackets)Wrestler
Order of Chaos (TNA, male)
Broken (TNA, female)
Respectful (WWE, female)
Force of Greatness (WWE, female)
Fire Storm A (WWE, male)
Poison (TNA, female)
Devious (TNA, tag team)
Smashed in the Face (WWE, female)
LoveFuryPassionEnergy (WWE, female)
Wings of a Fallen Angel (TNA, male)
Day of Rage (TNA, male)
Face the Facts (WWE, male)
Out Of My Way (WWE, male)
Only Love Can Do It (WWE, female)
Square Up (WWE, female)
Stand Tall (WWE, tag team)
My World (TNA, male)
Sleeping Giant (TNA, male)
Vs. The World (TNA, male)
Only One Can Judge (WWE, male)
Blue (WWE, female)
Opposite Ends of the World (WWE, tag team)
Angel On My Shoulder (TNA, female)
Playing With Power (WWE, male)
Burbank (WWE, male)
Enshrine (TNA, male)

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