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Can you name the Really Tough F.R.I.E.N.D.S. questions!!!?

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In The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister, what was the dessert that the Tribbiani sisters were eating?
Who does Monica go to prom with?
In Season 3, what was the name of the epidose where Chandler dates the girl with the wooden leg (Ginger)?
In the One Where Rachel Has a Baby, what does Monica say she would name a baby boy when she has one?
In the One Where Ross is Fine, what soundtrack does he dance to after everyone but Joey leaves?
In the One at the Beach, what does Phoebe say she will do when she breaks into her birth mother's house?
Which of the following episodes was in season 8? The One with the Lottery, The One With the Holiday Armadillo, The One in Massapequa, or The One With the Memorial Service?
In the One with the Ballroom Dancing, what is the name of the woman super that Mr. Treeger wants to impress?
In the One Where Rachel Has a baby, what are the two names she and Ross had picked out to name their baby girl?
What is the correct chronological order of Ross's seven main girlfriends: Elizabeth, Charlie, Julie, Rachel, Mona, Emily, Bonnie
Who was Phoebe's maid of honor?
In the One with All the Thanksgivings, what did Monica offer to make Chandler for dinner?
Which guest star has NOT guest starred on Friends: Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Morgan Fairchild, or Suzanne Somers?
What is the date of Monica and Chandler's wedding?
In the One where the Monkey Gets Away, what is the name of the woman from Animal Control?

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