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Can you name these people, characters, or organizations who have lent their names to dinosaurs?

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Greek warrior of the Trojan War (Iliad) (fl. BC1250)
White-tailed deer fawn featured in 1942 film
'Mimsy' creature in the poem Jabberwocky (1871)
Scottish-American industrialist (1835-1919)
American paleontologist ('Bone Wars') (1840-1897)
American author (Jurassic Park) (1942-2008)
Voivode (Prince) of Wallachia (1431-1476)
Giant monster with official Japanese citizenship (1954-)
American punk rocker (Bad Religion) | paleontologist (1964-)
American paleontologist (Jurassic Park technical advisor) (1946-)
British singer-songwriter (Dire Straits) (1949-)
Chinese philosopher (BC551-BC479)
German WWI general ('The Lion of Africa') (1870-1964)
British surgeon and paleontologist (Iguanodon) (1790-1852)
American paleontologist ('Bone Wars') (1831-1899)
Flag carrier airline of Australia (1920-)
Fallen Ainur necromancer (The One Ring) (First Age-Third Age)
Mongolian strategist, advisor of Genghis Khan (1175-1248)
Bengali author-musician, Nobel laureate (1861-1941)
Post-secondary institution, home of the Red Raiders (1923-)

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