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Edina's last name
Saffy's full first name
Edina's original first name
What Patsy's 'epitomb' should read, according to Eddie
Where the trash barge with the girls on it was headed
What Eddie forgot to do the day of 'the doorhandle'
What Patsy was for a year before 'it fell off'
What Gran had to cancel for her husband's funeral
What Eddie calls Saffy's friend Sarah
What Betina and Max can't seem to locate in their house
What Eddie is still practicing 'almost religiously'
The Spice Girl Saffy went to school with (real name)
The song Eddie always wants Lulu to sing
The lunching places the girls can't decide between
The one thing Eddie decides not to take into the shower with her
Eddie's dolphin's name
The title Patsy insists upon being called in French
The American TV show upon which the opening scene of 'Donkey' is loosely based
The American TV show upon which the girls made a cameo appearance
The American TV show upon which Jennifer Saunders had a guest arc

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