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Identify 24 noteworthy MLB performers who debuted in 1967. See how to play.

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2-time MVP runner-up, 3 GGs, 3-time WS champ04/11/1967 - 20y216d
1st ballot HOFer, RoY, MVP, 18 AS, 7 batting titles04/11/1967 - 21y192d
1st ballot HORer, RoY, 3 CY, 12 AS, 3 ERA, 5 K titles04/13/1967 - 22y147d
3,000+ IP from 1968-1980 = 233 per year04/14/1967 - 24y112d
Led majors with .750 W-L% in and made AS team in 197204/16/1967 - 18y323d
Led NL in wins, CY runner-up and AS in 197904/16/1967 - 22y160d
Raised his BA 31 pts 6/21/70 with 7 for 704/16/1967 - 24y080d
All-time record 208 relief IP as 1974 CY05/31/1967 - 24y136d
20 wins in 1971 as the O's 4th starter05/31/1967 - 25y108d
1st ballot HOFer, MVP, 5-time WS champ, 14-time AS06/09/1967 - 21y022d
CY, AS and WS champ in 197707/04/1967 - 22y347d
1972 AS pitched a no hitter 4/17/6907/16/1967 - 23y100d
3 AS, 2 WS champs and lifetime .296 BA07/23/1967 - 23y124d
Defensive standout for Houston won 5 straight GGs07/31/1967 - 23y001d
1st ballot HOFer, RoY, 2 MVPs, 10 GGs, 14-time AS08/28/1967 - 19y264d
Won AL GG in 1976 breaking a string of 16 by B. Robinson09/01/1967 - 19y247d
5-time AS lead AL with 52 SB in 197109/06/1967 - 20y133d
6 AS, 2 GG, 2-time WS champ and 1976 AL HR champ09/06/1967 - 23y017d
2-time AS including 1-time famous collision09/08/1967 - 20y157d
3,000+ IP but best known for serving up a gopher ball to Dent09/10/1967 - 21y013d
1st African-American to win a WS as mgr09/14/1967 - 23y181d
Led majors with .824 W-L% and no hit the Mets on 9/20 in 196909/19/1967 - 19y345d
At 19 yrs 20 days, the youngest WS pitcher ever on 10/8/6709/27/1967 - 19y009d
Led majors with 24 wins in 197309/29/1967 - 19y321d

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