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Can you name the Swiss Footballers since 1990 with min. 10 caps?

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MFHannover, Leverkusen, Schalke, Eintracht
MFLazio, West Ham, Fiorentina, Napoli, HSV, Watford
GKNacional, Wolfsburg
DFZürich, Hertha, Cesena, Palermo, Young Boys
DFGrasshopper, Freiburg
MFGrasshopper, Vissel
MFNeuchâtel, Sion
MFYoung Boys
MFSt. Gallen, Servette, Lausanne, Zürich
MFGrasshopper, Guingamp, Köln
MFServette, Basel
MFLausanne, Troyes, Marseille, Levante, Getafe
FWLausanne, Uerdingen, Dortmund, Grasshopper, Young Boys
FWNeuchâtel, Sion, Zürich
MFGrasshopper, Auxerre, Servette
MFBasel, Mönchengladbach, Young Boys
DFBasel, Dortmund, Liverpool
FWBasel, Leverkusen, Hoffenheim, Leverkusen, Kasımpaşa, Galatasaray
MFZürich, Salernitana, St. Gallen, Luzern
DFArsenal, Birmingham, Hannover, HSV
FWZürich, Nürrnberg, Leverkusen, Mönchengladbach, HSV, Mönchengladbach
MFZürich, Bolton, Torino, Parma, Napoli, Galatasaray, Genoa, Bologna
DFKarlsruher, Hannover
DFNeuchâtel, Servette
FWBasel, Schalke
MFSion, Man City, Saint-Étienne, Chievo, Leicester, Udinese, Sporting, Sion, Freiburg, Rennes
MFSion, Stuttgart, Servette
FWServette, Rennes, Dortmund, Basel
MFSt. Gallen, Basel, Mainz
FWSchalke, Mainz, Zürich
DFSaint-Étienne, Sion, Grasshopper
FWZürich, Servette, Rennes, Monaco, Sion, Cannes, Lyon
MFZürich, Lille, Metz, Nürnberg
DFGrasshopper, Sunderland, Basel, WBA, Bastia
DFNeuchâtel, HSV, Blackburn, Liverpool, Celtic, Wigan
DFLausanne, Sion
DFZürich, Grasshopper
DFLausanne, Sion, Newcastle, Everton
GKLausanne, Basel, Grasshopper
MFBasel, Eintracht
MFZürich, Udinese, Napoli, Leicester
DFSion, Servette
MFFulham, Luzern, Olympiacos, Nottingham
DFNürnberg, Wolfsburg, Norwich
FWLuzern, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Galatasaray, Basel
FWYoung Boys, Neuchâtel, Werder
DFGrasshoppers, Basel
GKSion, Luzern
DFLille, Lazio, Juventus
DFGrasshopper, Perugia, Lausanne, Servette
MFSion, Servette, Sochaux
FWThun, Sparta Prague, Luzern
DFLugano, Werder, Stuttgart, Zürich
MFZürich, Osasuna
DFZürich, St. Gallen, Bari
FWZürich, Dynamo Kiev, Freiburg, Leverkusen
DFServette, Grasshopper, Lyon, Mallorca, Basel
FWGrasshopper, Luzern, Mainz, Hannover, Twente
MFServette, Rennes, Saint-Étienne, Lausanne
GKServette, Cagliari, Nottingham, Zürich
MFSion, Lausanne
DFSion, Zürich
FWServette, Luzern, Neuchâtel
DFZürich, Wolfsburg
DFNeuchâtel, Servette, Lugano
DFBasel, Hoffenheim
DFWettingen, Servette
MFLeverkusen, Eintracht, Hoffenheim
DFNovara, Sociedad, Eintracht
DFArsenal, Milan, Everton, Fulham, Valencia, Aston Villa, Grasshoppers, Rangers
MFServette, Lecce, Napoli
MFGrasshopper, Kaiserslautern, Bayern, Inter
MFBasel, Bayern, Inter, Stoke
GKBasel, Mönchengladbach
DFGrasshopper, Eintracht, Young Boys
GKSt. Gallen, Mönchengladbach
MFBasel, Hertha
FWBasel, Stuttgart, Köln
FWLugano, Grasshopper
MFGrasshopper, Nürnberg, Bayern, Freiburg
MFLugano, Lausanne
FWServette, Bologna, Galatasaray, Grasshopper, Bellinzona, Luzern, Brescia, Lugano
DFGrasshopper, Cagliari, Tottenham, Celtic
DFGrasshopper, PSV, Milan, Betis, Blackburn
FWPSV, Brescia, NAC, Red Bull, Zürich
DFBasel, TSV 1860
DFSion, Werder, Atlético Madrid, HSV
DFLuzern, Sion, Servette
GKYoung Boys
MFAarau, Luzern
MFBasel, Mönchengladbach, Arsenal
MFGrasshopper, Basel, Stuttgart, Galatasaray, Young Boys, Al-Gharrafa, Luzern
DFGrasshopper, Stuttgart, Fenerbahçe, Basel, Kaiserslautern
DFSt. Gallen, Köln
DFTottenham, Sampdoria, Fenerbahçe, Lokomotiv, Sassuolo
GKGrasshopper, Basel, Leverkusen, WBA, Neuchâtel, Fulham
DFSt. Gallen, Tirol, Basel

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