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Can you name the Argentinian Footballers since 1990 with min. 10 caps?

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GKBoca Juniors, Getafe
FWSan Lorenzo, Boca Juniors, U. Católica
MFRacing, Sporting
FWAtlético, Man City
MFRiver Plate, Valencia, Zaragoza, Benfica
MFRiver Plate, Sevilla, Lazio, Parma, Inter
DFIndependiente, River Plate
GKEstudiantes, Catania, Napoli
MFRiver Plate
DFRiver Plate, Napoli, Milan, Valencia
FWUdinese, Roma, Parma
MFValencia, Atlético, Newell'Old Boys, Sevilla, Inter, Sevilla
FWGimnasia y Esgrima, Boca Juniors
DFMonterrey, Fiorentina
MFVélez Sársfield
DFRiver Plate, Newell's Old Boys
MFStuttgart, Vélez Sársfield, Boca Juniors
MFRiver Plate, Argentinos Juniors
FWBoca Juniors, Fiorentina, Roma, Inter
MFBoca Juniors, Villarreal
DFRiver Plate, Marseille, Celta
MFRiver Plate, Zaragoza
MFAnderlecht, Lazio
MFHuracán, Fiorentina, Internacional
GKRiver Plate
GKBelgrano, Estudiantes
DFBoca Juniors, Inter, Roma
GKRiver Plate, Mallorca, Atlético
DFRiver Plate, Zaragoza, Boca Juniors, Valencia
MFIndependiente, Boca Juniors
MFIndependiente, Real Madrid, Inter
DFNapoli, Inter
FWAtalanta, Roma, Benfica, Boca Juniors, Rangers
GKRiver Plate, Lazio, Zaragoza, Catania
GKVélez Sársfield, Unión Santa Fe, Espanyol, Celta
DFFoggia, Lazio, Atlético, Milan
DFAtlético, Villarreal, Milan, Deportivo, Newcastle
DFEstudiantes, Independiente
FWRiver Plate, Parma, Lazio, Inter, Chelsea, Milan
FWRiver Plate, Feyenoord, Bologna, Inter
MFRiver Plate, Wolfsburg, Portsmouth, Internacional
FWRosario, Cruz Azul
FWRacing, Boca Juniors
DFBayern, Málaga, Man City, Espanyol, Málaga
MFBenfica, Real Madrid, Man Utd, PSG
DFCruz Azul, Colón, Boca Juniors, Getafe
DFRiver Plate
DFRacing, Lanús, Boca Juniors
DFSevilla, Tottenham, Roma
MFVélez Sársfield, Celta, Atlético Madrid
DFEstudiantes, Napoli, Getafe, Swansea
FWCruz Azul, Villarreal, River Plate
DFNewell's Old Boys, Zaragoza
DFRiver Plate, Everton
MFReal Madrid, Roma, Valencia, Vélez, Boca Juniors
MFBoca Juniors, Benfica, Atlético Madrid
MFRiver Plate, Monaco
MFNapoli, Estudiantes, Zaragoza, Atlético
DFSantander, Real Madrid, Benfica, Zenit
MFBoca Juniors, Zaragoza, Valencia, Inter
MFRiver Plate, Porto, Marseille
MFTirol, San Lorenzo
GKMillonarios, Racing, Brest, Cerro Porteño, Olimpia, River Plate
MFIndependiente, Newell's Old Boys, Internacional
MFMallorca, Newcastle
DFPSG, Man Utd, Real Madrid, Marseille
FWReal Madrid, Napoli, Juventus
MFVélez Sársfield, River Plate, Napoli
DFBoca Juniors
MFMálaga, Independiente, Boca Juniors, Mönchengladbach, América, Necaxa
FWRoma, Tottenham
FWNapoli, PSG, Hebei
FWRacing, Valencia, Lazio
MFIndependiente, Zaragoza, Celta
MFVélez Sársfield, Boca Juniors
MFNapoli, Sevilla, Newell's Old Boys
MFRiver Plate, Corinthians, West Ham, Liverpool, Barcelona
FWRiver Plate, Yokohama Marinos
DFRacing, River Plate, Sevilla
FWRacing, Genoa, Zaragoza, Inter
DFIndependiente, Zaragoza, Barcelona
MFRiver Plate, Valencia, Sampdoria, Parma, Fenerbahçe
DFVélez Sársfield, Porto, Atl. Mineiro, Valencia, Man City
FWBoca Juniors, Genoa, Inter
FWBoca Juniors
MFPalermo, PSG
DFBanfield, Tenerife
MFUdinese, Juventus
MFEstudiantes, Benfica, Valencia
MFIndependiente, Gijón
DFHuracán, Boca Juniors, Udinese, Mallorca
DFRiver Plate, Leverkusen, Celta
DFEspanyol, PSG
DFSporting, Wolfsburg
MFTenerife, Real Madrid
MFBoca Juniors, Barcelona, Villarreal
DFBoca Juniors, Spartak, Estudiantes, São Paulo
MFSan Lorenzo, Toulon, Atalanta, Dortmund
MFEspanyol, Atlético, Liverpool, Newell's Old Boys
DFEstudiantes, Spartak, Sporting, Man Utd
GKAZ, Sampdoria, Monaco, Man Utd
DFFiorentina, Genoa, Fiorentina, Celta
MFNewell's Old Boys, Ajax
DFReal Madrid, Vélez Sársfield, Ancona, América, San Lorenzo
FWLanús, Atlético Madrid, Benfica
DFBoca Juniors, Roma, Real Madrid, Inter
FWRiver Plate, Barcelona, Monaco, Sevilla, Real Madrid
DFUdinese, Parma, Lazio
MFVélez Sársfield, Pisa, Sevilla, Atlético, Inter, Lazio
DFBoca Juniors
MFAtlético, Real Madrid
DFArgentinos Juniors, Juventus, River Plate, Cruzeiro, Lazio, Barcelona, PSG, Villarreal
MFEstudiantes, Bayern, Napoli, Metalist
FWBoca Juniors, Corinthians, West Ham, Man Utd, Man City, Juventus, Boca Juniors
DFFerro Carril, Racing, Rosario, U. Católica
MFBoca Juniors, Sampdoria, Parma, Lazio, Man Utd, Chelsea, Estudiantes
DFBoca Juniors, Lugano, Arsenal, Celta, Inter, River Plate
DFEspanyol, Man City
DFBanfield, Inter
MFRiver Plate, San Lorenzo

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