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A. SI unit which is equivalent to 10^-10 m
B. Type of radiation emitted by a body in thermal equilibrium
C. Electrical component used to store energy
D. Relativistic wave equation that accounts fully for special relativity and quantum mechanics
E. This quantity is directly proportional to mass by the speed of light squared
F. Magnitude of a quantity passing through a defined area. Changes with time.
G. Man who defined the integral of an electric field with respect to area as equivalent to the charge enclosed over the vacuum permittivity constant
H. SI unit of inductance
I. The property of massive object that 'makes' it resist a change in motion
J. The derivative of acceleration. The second derivative of velocity. The third derivative of position. (All derivatives taken with respect to time.)
K. Energy of a body in motion
L. Foil-coated glass jar that is the ancestor of the modern day answer to 'C'
M. A field that is often represented by the variable 'B' (not related to answer 'B')
N. Man who invented calculus and the universal law of gravitation
O. SI unit of resistance
P. This principle explains why two electrons cannot have the same quantum number
Q. This quantity is often represented by the letter 'Q'. It is transferred from a hotter body to a colder body.
R. The sum of two vectors is the ______ vector.
S. Instrument that identifies a material by its mass, emission spectrum, or absorption spectrum.
T. The fourth dimension
U. Principle stating that the momentum and position of a particle at a specific time cannot both be exactly determined
V. Unit equivalent to one joule per coulomb
W. The product of mass and acceleration due to gravity
X. Form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelength range shorter than ultra violet but longer than gamma
Y. Metric prefix meaning 10^-24
Z. Sixth letter of the Greek alphabet. (You should know since you already know so many Greek letters from studying physics.)

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