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A. Law that states that the molecular weights of two gases are proportional to the masses of the two gases at the same volume.
B. Instrument with a valve on one end for titration.
C. A suspension of microscopic, insoluble particles
D. Radioactive process by which an unstable nucleus releases ionizing energy
E. Quantity addressed by the second law of thermodynamics. Always increasing.
F. Type of reaction where the plot of natural log of the reactant concentration vs. time is linear.
G. Positive if a reaction is non-spontaneous. Negative if a reaction is spontaneous.
H. Equation relating the pH of weak acid/stong base solution to the pKa+log([conjugate base]/[acid])
I. Complex ion that turns a solution blood-red
J. Unit of enthalpy of a reaction
K. Make sure your temperature is in this unit when using PV=nRT!
L. Common name for CaOH
M. Way of defining a solution by the quotient of the moles of solute and mass of solvent
N. Characteristic of the chemical reaction that occurs in an electrolytic cell
O. Region around an atom or molecule where electrons can be found
'P. Instrument used to transfer a specific volume of liquid
Q. The letter 'Q' often represents this quantity with coulombs as units
R. Term for the gaining of electrons in a reaction
S. Substance in which another substance is dissolved or suspended
T. Measure of the amount of kinetic energy in a system
U. Element with 92 protons
V. Electron available for bonding
W. The namesake for tungsten's element symbol. (Hint: There is also a really popular math website with this name.)
X. Noble gas with atomic mass of 131.29 g/mol
Y. Metric prefix meaning 10^24
Z. 'Z' is the symbol for this value

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