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A. Neurotransmitter that mainly functions in the motor divisions of the nervous system
B. Area of the brain responsible for language and speech
C. Porphyrin pigment that reflects light mainly in the 495-570 nm range
D. Taxonomic rank which includes Eukarya, Archaea, and Bacteria
E. Hemoglobin-containing, oxygen-tranporting blood cell
F. This molecule accepts electrons from water to later be used in the electron transport chain
G. A collection of all of the genetic data of an organism
H. Type of equilibrium where allele frequencies remain constant over generations due to lack of evolutionary influence
I. Often referred to as the hipbones, these are the _____ crests
J. Region of the small intestine that preceds the ileum
K. This type of species lives close to carrying capacity. Lifespan is fairly consistent within the species.
L. Method for pulverizing kidney stones
M. Type of DNA inherited only from the mother
N. This stress hormone affects the amygdala, which controls concentration. Released during fight-or-flight response.
O. Process by which water passes through a semi-permeable membrane down a concentration gradient
P. Method in biotechnology used to make hundreds of thousands of copies of a specific DNA sequence
Q. Name given to a person whose spinal cord was damaged high enough to cause paralysis in all four limbs
R. Gel electrophoresis and restriction enzymes can be used in this analysis technique to determine differences between DNA sequences
S. This biome has an open canopy and is a transition ecosystem between desert and grassland
T. Enzyme employed during DNA replication (and transcription) to unwind over-wound DNA at the replication fork
U. Nitrogenous base found only in RNA
V. Phospholipid-membranous sac used for transporting substances intracellularly and intercellularly
W. Brain matter that consists of myelinated axons and neuroglia
X. 'X' is the English equivalent of the Greek letter which, when squared, represents how well observation fits with theory
Y. The presence of this chromosome defines an individual as a biosex male
Z. This bone is the real name for the cheek bone

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