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Jim _________ 
The city where the Office takes place 
_________ Scott 
Andy graduated from which college 
The name of the temp is? 
The secret couple in the office involves _____ 
The name of the company is ________ 
The name of the company who bought the paper company is _______ 
The gay man in the office is named ________ 
Phillis is married to Vance from Vance ________ 
Jim is married to Pam ________ 
The award show that Michael hosts is calle the _____ 
What job did Pam leave the company for 
Erin has been in a realtionship with who? 
Who does Michael hate the most in the office? 
Oscar made a video of the cookie monster with whos voice? 
Dwight owns what type of farm? 
Which person got rabies? 
Who is the oldest person in the office 
What person used to work in the warehouse? 

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