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Can you name the U.S. president by their worst messups in office?

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Forced Order
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Frequently fell asleep at meeting, concerts, and briefing sessions.
Forced 110,000 Japenese-Americans into relocation camps in New Mexico to during WW2 to ensure there were no Japanese spies. (They were not killed or mistreated.)
Was fired as Minister to France because he did not follow orders.
Vetoed bills to pass movements such as giving African-Americans rights, making all people born in the U.S. automatic citizens, limiting the presidents power, and many others.
Allowed industries to use a poison called DDT, intoxicating many people and wildlife.
Taught his pet parrot to swear, which it did at many public speeches.
Forced to resign his army comission because of excessive drinking.
Allowed his cabinet to commit crimes to stay ahead of the Democrats, and attempted to cover them up.
Installed electricity in the White House, but was to afraid to touch the wires He left them on all night, costing quite a bit of money for the economy.
Refused to help African-Americans get their political rights.
The national debt grew higher then it ever had under this president.
This presidents vice was caught swearing on camera at a public speech because he didn't know that his microphone was on.
Refused to help unemployed people after the Stock Market crashed.
Had a reputation of drinking and partying during the begining of his career.
Used the East Room of the White House as a drying room for their laundry.
Promised no new taxes, but raised up the old ones dramatically.

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