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Can you name the Harry Potter Heroes by their self-summary?

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Forced Order
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I guess I am a hero. After all, I died for Harry Potter and all wizarding kind. Don't worry, though. My family doesn't miss me terribly. I'm sure they have plenty of photos of me.
I'm not a hero in battle, maybe, but I'm a hero in the eyes of all the ambitious young wizards and witches I've boosted to the top.
Yeah, yeah, I'm a bloody angel. Now get these blasted cameras out of my face before I curse them into your foreheads!
I dunno, I don't think I could have possibly done the things... hang on! I do not have tears in my eyes!
Oh yes, I've done enough enough heroic deeds to my name to fill several books (which, coincidentally, they have). But, alas, I can't share now. I have to curl my hair.
Yes, why thank you. I suppose I have done a thing or two in my life. Now kindly get out of my classroom, you are disrupting my lessons.
Yeah, I suppose I'm pretty cool. Not to brag or nothing, but I've gotten Harry out of a few tough spots. Not to mention I play one hell of a chess game.
Now, don't mistake heroism for recklessness, it will only ruin the intentions of the hero. Or something like that.
I have to admit, I can stand up for my friends in a time of need, no problem. As long as there are no grindylows around.
Actually, I'm not a hero, I'm just highly logical which allows me to look past extraneous detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook.
It is not my actions that make me a hero, but my choices.
Oh, thank you, dears. I just try to be as much of a hero to my family as I can. Now get out, before I set the ghoul on you.
I think being a hero means standing up for what you believe in, no matter what your scum of a 'teacher' tries to make you do.
I may be a horrible villian in the eyes of the public, but I'm a hero to my friends, and that's all that matters. Try and spread that around, though, will you?
I may not look like a hero, but if you ever try and threaten my friends or my home, I will turn into a boss!
I am just doing my duty to the Ministry of Magic. Hehe. Yeah right.
My 'herosim' is none of your buisness. It is between me and Dumbledore only. And quit staring at my nose!
A hero? Me? Blimey, did you hear that! They called me a hero! Only my name isn't Arnold, thank you.
Yeah, I s'pose I am a hero to the youngsters and to the creatures of this forest and... Yelling? Whose yelling? No, I haven't been drinking!
-----? A hero? ----- only wishes to serve and help his master, Harry Potter! No, ----- will not stop talking in third person!

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