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Can you name the answers to these incredibly hard trivia questions?

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How old is Hagrid by the end of the series?
What was the first Gryffindor password of the second book?
What is Rita Skeeters handbag made of?
What color robes was Lockhart wearing when Harry and Ron were watching through the window after crashing the car?
What costume was the kid Voldemort was considering killing wearing?
What color was the Kwikspell letters envelope?
What did Neville accidently transplant his ears on in Transiguration class once?
How old was Luna when her mom died?
How much is dragon liver worth?
How many sausages did Mrs. Weasley give Harry the first time he went to their house?
What color are Crabbe and Goyles dress robes?
What did Harry not have at the first Hogwarts feast he attended?
What was the man who worked at Honeydukes fetching from the box when Harry snuck past him?
How many rooms did Mundungus Fletcher claim he had in his tent?
Who asked to hear more of how Cedric Diggory died at the Hogs Head meeting?
Which of Seamus' parents is a muggle?
What was the first white piece taken in the giant chess game?
Who has the best handwriting of Harrys year?
Which member of the Order of the Phoenix's house was burned down?
What color did Harry accidently turn his Muggle teachers wig?

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