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Can you name the presidential candidates who had never previously held elected office?

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Prior Occupation(s)CandidateYear (Party)
Secretary of Commerce1928 (R)
Lawyer, Businessman, Utility Company President1940, 1944 (R)
Commander of the U.S. Army Forces Far East1944, 1948 (R)
Five-Star General, President of Columbia Univeristy1952 (R)
Ambassador to France, Founder of the Peace Corps1976 (D)
Political Activist, Founder of U.S. Labor Party1976 (U.S. Labor); 1980-2004 (D)
Founder of the Rainbow Coalition, Civil Rights Activist1984, 1988 (D)
White Nationalist, former 'Knights of the Ku Klux Klan' Grand Wizard1988 (D)
Televangelist1988 (R)
Secretary of State, White House Chief of Staff1988 (R)
Columnist, Speechwriter1992, 1996 (R); 2000 (Reform)
Founder of Electronic Data Systems1992 (I); 1996 (Reform)
Magazine Publisher 1996, 2000 (R)
Ambassador to ECOSOC1996, 2000, 2008 (R)
Author of 'Unsafe at Any Speed'1996, 2000 (G); 2004, 2008 (I)
Undersecretary of Education, President of the Family Research Council2000 (R)
Secretary of Transportation and Labor, President of the American Red Cross2000* (R)
Supreme Allied Commander Europe2004 (D)
Minister, Civil Rights Activist2004 (D)
CEO of Godfather's Pizza, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City2012* (R)
CEO of Hewlett-Packard2016 (R)
Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital2016 (R)
Business Magnate, Reality Television Star2016 (R)

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