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Can you name the people nominated for an office by the President who failed to take that office?

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Why Nomination FailedPersonPosition (President)
Withdrew name from consideration after questions surfaced regarding statements made in the aftermath of the attack on the Libyan embassy.Secretary of State (Obama)
Withdrew after reportedly failing to pay taxes on consultancy income.Health and Human Services Secretary (Obama)
Withdrew due to disagreements regarding the President's policies, and because of plans to move the Census from Commerce jurisdiction.Commerce Secretary (Obama)
Withdrew because of a then-ongoing grand jury investigation into alleged improper business dealings.Commerce Secretary (Obama)
Withdrew after intense criticism. Nominee was found to be unqualified for position by both Democrats and Republicans.Supreme Court Associate Justice (Bush)
Withdrew after allegations of ties to organized crime and of hiring an undocumented worker; later pleaded guilty to tax fraud and making false statements.Homeland Security Secretary (Bush)
Withdrew after being reported to have given money to illegal alien.Labor Secretary (Bush)
Withdrew after Senate Foreign Relations Committee failed to hold nomination hearing. Chairman Jesse Helms reportedly refused to hold hearing due to nominee's views on social issuesAmbassador to Mexico (Clinton)
Nomination withdrawn due to allegation of sexual misconduct.Veterans Affairs Secretary (Clinton)
Nomination withdrawn in part because of nominee's skepticism of Alger Hiss' guilt. CIA Director (Clinton)
Nomination withdrawn after admitting to having employed an undocumented worker.Attorney General (Clinton)
Also withdrew nomination after having admitted to hiring an undocumented worker.Attorney General (Clinton)
Why Nomination FailedPersonPosition (President)
Rejected by the Senate 53-47. Rejection was mostly related to nominee's alleged alcohol abuse and womanizing.Defense Secretary (Bush)
Withdrew after being reported to have smoked marijuana while a professor at Harvard Law SchoolSupreme Court Associate Justice (Reagan)
Rejected by the Senate 58-42. Rejected due to his strict originalist views, as well as his role in the 'Saturday Night Massacre.'Supreme Court Associate Justice (Reagan)
Nomination was withdrawn based in part on nominee's status as a conscientious-objector during WWII CIA Director (Carter)
President decided against nominating her after she was deemed 'not qualified' by the American Bar Association.Supreme Court Associate Justice (Nixon)
President decided against nominating him after he was deemed 'not qualified' by the America Bar Association.Supreme Court Associate Justice (Nixon)
Rejected by the Senate 51-45 due to past support for racial segregation as well as alleged opposition to women's rights.Supreme Court Associate Justice (Nixon)
Rejected by the Senate 55-45. Rejection was due to his rulings regarding civil rights and labor.Supreme Court Associate Justice (Nixon)
Nomination withdrawn after Senate filibuster due to concerns over nominee's objectivity and ethics.Supreme Court Chief Justice (Johnson)
Nomination to fill Chief Justice nominee's seat on Court became void when Chief Justice nominee failed to be approved.Supreme Court Associate Justice (Johnson)
Rejected by the Senate 49-46. Statements made to the committee were alleged to have been 'spinkled with half truths and even lies.'Commerce Secretary (Eisenhower)

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