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Actress that plays LilyA
Teds best friend as a childB
What is Robins middle nameC
News anchor that Robin datedD
What is Teds middle nameE
The setting for most of season 9F
The team that Ted and Marshall route for at the Harlem Globetrotter gameG
Name of Teds boss when he was an architect, played by Bryan CranstonH
Where does Lily go for her job as an art consultantI
What is the name of Barney's fatherJ
Robins therapistK
Marshall's nickname for LilyL
The name of the barM
The 2nd girl that Barney had a long term relationship withN
Name of the episode guest starring Katy PerryO
Name of Ted's daughterP
Barney's stripper girlfriendQ
Barney's rebound broR
Barney's last nameS
The Name of the motherT
When Lily and Marshall fight they pause andU
Name of the baker that Ted datedV
The movie that was about Ted and StellaW
Ted's radio show name was Dr.X
When Barney couldn't talk to girls he had whatY
In what episode did Marshall get mugged by a monkeyZ

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