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Can you name the misspelled werds in only 60 seconds?

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The SentencesMisspelled Werds
Alle U haf to do is tipe the erors that I've maid.
Once you are don, just realax.
Ite realy is qute simple if you acshually think adout it.
Nontheless, challenges maye comme your way.
Sprocle is quite diffecult at times, keap in mind.
Just to make conservation, wat time is it in Russa? And dose the Youkraine have states or provvinces?
Another thin Iv'e been wundering is if people like millk or dark choclate beter.
Anieway, sayy helow too yor pett igwana four mee.
wel, that iz all for nou loyale quiz taikers!
The SentencesMisspelled Werds

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