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QUIZ: Name the words that you can swap the given letter for an X to make a new word or name

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The letter you are swapping does not have to be at the beginning of the first word!!
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DefinitionAnswersX Definition
A: Mammalian nippleSend an IM
B: Can doSpindle for wheels
C: 1/60 of a minSarah Jessica Parker's city activity
D: Refine a manuscriptLeave
E: OpponentThe Simpsons' network
F: More nimbleShowtime series about a serial killer
G: Hanna Barbera gorillaUpper jaw bone
H: Short, friendly greetingΞ
I: Short, short skirtSaucy girl
J: Actor BardemJesuit co-founder, St. Francis _____
K: Rouse from sleepPallid; lustrously smooth
L: Ancient Iranian civilizationFinal test at school
M: Portent of future eventsYoked agricultural team
N: Put a bill into lawPrecise
O: Famous PRC ChairmanMad Mel Gibson character
P: One turn around a racetrackInsufficiently strict
Q: 80s line-drawing arcade game19, to Hadrian
R: Negotiate an exchange of goods or servicesMeredith ______-Birney of 'Family Ties'
S: Money hoarderThe tonic in a vodka and tonic
T: Feels sorry forSprites, or 'Monkey Gone to Heaven' band
U: Bud's Abbott & Costello partnerSmoked salmon filet
V: What's on at the cinemaDetermination, vigor, pep
W: Salamander relativeSteve Jobs' 1985 company, right after Apple
Y: A whole lot of itemsNative to the Isle of Man
Z: Charles Dickens' pseudonymSpar with

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