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QUIZ: Can you name the words and names that only have letter W or only have letter X or only have letter Y or only have letter Z as a consonant?

Quiz Updated Jul 16, 2015

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Clue (Letter-Length)Answer
Lamb's mother (W-3)
Very tiny (W-3)
Be indebted to (W-3)
Feeling of self-pity (W-3)
Wide-eyed wonder (W-3)
Nintendo game system released in 2006 (W-3)
What an amazed person may interject (W-3)
American golfer Michelle (W-3)
Large bovine (X-2)
Slang for a former 'significant other' (X-2)
14th letter of the Greek alphabet (X-2)
Lumberjack's tool (X-3)
Clue (Letter-Length)Answer
Vin Diesel movie or old movie rating (X-3)
Affirmative vote (Y-3)
Toy with a string (hyphenated) (Y-4)
Hole in a needle (Y-3)
A nocturnal lemur (hyphenated) (Y-6)
Place to view captive animals (Z-3)
Actress Saldana (Z-3)
Israeli submachinegun (Z-3)
Seep slowly (Z-4)
Comedian Ansari of 'Parks & Rec' (Z-4)
Greek spirit made from anise (Z-4)
'The Adventures of ____ and Harriet' (Z-5)

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