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Can you name the words and names using only the letters KHANDS?

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In honour of Sporcle's Literature editor; many of these clues have a "History" feel as Khands makes so many great history quizzes..
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'___ not what your country can do for you...' - Kennedy
What the 'Titanic' did on April 15, 1912
Best actor Oscar winner in 1994 and 1995
George H.W. described the Gulf War as 'drawing a line in the ____'
Cold, damp and musty
Genghis or Kublai
TV commercials or website banners
1986 human chain across the USA - '____ Across America'
Herring-like ocean fish that spawns in rivers
Ancient Egyptian symbol of life ☥
Feeling blue
Fairytale writer, ____ Christian Andersen
Homemade jailhouse knife
1994 Nobel Economics laureate John, of 'A Beautiful Mind'
NFL quarterback Prescott
Jamaican precursor to reggae music, revived in 1980s UK
'The Incredibles' kid (-)

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