Ends With 'V' (Four Letters)

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Can you name the four letter answers that end with V?

Updated Jul 27, 2012

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Ukrainian capital
Talk show host Griffin, who also created Jeopardy
Crudely made knife
1999 Matthew McConaghey / Jenna Elfman flick
Sea that joins the Black Sea through the Kerch Straits
Flavor ____ of Public Enemy
Sportscaster Albert or original Met Throneberry
Sketch show starring John Candy, Eugene Levy and others
Bulgarian, Czech, Sorb or Serb
Schrieber of Wolverine and Scream
City that has also been called L'vov, Lwów and Lemberg
King of Norway 1957 - 1991
Israel's second largest city is Tel ____
Wally Cleaver's 1950s sitcom brother, for short
Peeping Tom or flasher
Jack Bauer's show, to Caesar

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