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QUIZ: Can you name the answers that include the word belly?

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The result of too much Coors or Heineken?
This company makes 17,000 tons of candy beans a year
A joke with a hilarious punchline may have this effect
To land stomach-first when diving into water
Scar technically known as the umbilicus
Describing a coward, or a variety of sapsucker
Dead. Or a way to approach the bar
A vulnerable area often referred to as 'soft, white'
Though no longer listed, these futures were once traded heavily on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Middle Eastern entertainer with a bare midriff
The best kind of Sneetch on the beach (per Dr Seuss)
Playground 'torment' involving stomach-slapping
To complain a lot; or, a pain in the abdomen
Type of old-fashioned stove or a Vietnamese pig
Nickname of bluesman Huddie Ledbetter
Sushi ingredient ōtoro made from Charlie's stomach?
Extra weight around the midsection
Hard airplane touchdown resulting from the wheel assembly not engaging properly

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