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QUIZ: Can you name the films that start with H and have won Academy Awards?

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Year (Init)MovieAwards
2017 HRFilm Editing, Sound Mixing
1948 HPicture, Actor, Costumes, Art Direction
1986 HaHSScreenplay, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress
2006 HFAnimated Feature
1987 HatHMakeup
1974 HaTActor
1950 HSupporting Actress
1946 THGSong
2015 THEScore
1978 HCWArt Direction
1949 THActress, Costumes, Music, Art Direction
1969 HDArt Direction, Music, Sound
1943 HFHSong
2011 THSupporting Actress
1989 HVCostumes
2013 HScreenplay
1941 HCMJStory, Screenplay
1951 HCtGSong
Year (Init)MovieAwards
1954 THatMScore
1952 HNActor, Editing, Score, Song
1959 AHitHSong
1942 HISong
1971 THScreenplay
2002 THActress
1945 THo9SStory
1941 HGWMVPicture, Director, Supporting Actor, Cinematography, Art Direction
1963 HtWWWWriting, Editing, Sound
1992 HEActress, Screenplay, Art Direction
1963 HActress, Supporting Actor, Cinematography
2011 HCinematography, Art Direction, Visual Effects, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing
1943 THCStory
1990 THfROSound
1937 THSound
2009 THLPicture, Director, Screenplay, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Editing
2005 HaFSong
1961 THCinematography, Art Direction

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