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Can you name the words below that begin with 'sub...'?

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ClueSub Answer
Summons used to compel a witness to testify in court
Existing or situated underground
Not insignificant
Dominant people may seek this type of partner
Magazine order, paid in advance
Object and predicate partner
Namor is more commonly known as this, in comic books
Enter a resume on-line at an employer's invitation
You don't pay this tradesman directly, he is hired by your builder
Type of 'hidden' suggestion (Is there one in this quiz?)
Operation involving a minus sign
ClueSub Answer
Could be a fill-in teacher or a 1966 song by The Who
A very fine distinction
Restaurant where Jared Fogle and Clay Henry 'eat fresh'
Automobile manufacturer that gave us the Impreza and the Justy
Mortgage offering that got many lenders into trouble in 2008
Band that's only number one Alt hit, 'What I Got', charted after leader Bradley Nowell died in 1996.
Alternative to dubbing of foreign movies
Neighbourhoods outside a city's core
Overpower and cause to surrender
Weakening or undermining a government or institution

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