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Can you name the words or names that contain 3 consecutive letters?

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Current Maple Leafs coach or former Raptors GMABC
Played Bobby Donnell on The PracticeCDE
Soccer player whose role is to prevent the opposition from scoringDEF
Hound with long silky hair, named for its country of originFGH
Born Tem├╝jin, he was the founder of the Mongol EmpireGHI
To commandeer a vehicle while it is in transitHIJ
It translates to Royal Aviation Company (abbreviation for the Dutch airline)KLM
Tranquility, silenceLMN
The study of church songsMNO
Ornamental cloth above a bed or throneNOP
Abbreviation denoting the Senate and People of RomePQR
This is often the initial entry in a website's comments sectionRST
Grazing landSTU
Funafuti is the capital of this Pacific nationTUV
Antihistamine such as Vistaril or AtaraxXYZ

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