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Can you name the songs and bands referenced in the lyrics of the Hoodoo Gurus' great '(Let's All) Turn On'?

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Looking for the original, or first bands that popularized these groovy songs!
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Shake Some Action,Who did 'Shake Some Action'?
Psychotic Reaction,Who did 'Psychotic Reaction'?
No Satisfaction,Who did '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'?
Sky Pilot,Band or singer of 'Sky Pilot'?
Sky Saxon.Lead singer of which band?
That's what I like.
Blitzkrieg BopBy the one and only _____?
To the Jailhouse Rock'Jailhouse Rock' singer and movie star?
Stop Stop Stop'Stop Stop Stop' by?
At The HopBy? (not Flash Cadillac)
Do the Bluejean Bop.Sung by whom?
That's what I like.
Better get off my cloud 'cause two's a crowd,Paraphrased from which song?
Better get off the phone - there's nobody home.Who did 'Get Off The Phone'?
I'm gonna work it on out, I'm gonna Twist & Shout.The Beatles covered 'Twist and Shout' by____?
I'm gonna Ride A White Swan and Get It On,Glam band that did both these songs
Let's all turn on!
Born To LoseBy which New York punk band?
Those Summertime BluesOriginal version by?
In Blue Suede Shoes,Elvis covered this song by _____
Le Hoodoo Gurus.From which country?
That's what I like.
Waiting for My Man,Which band?
Baby, Can The Can,Singer of 'Can the Can'
I Wanna Hold Your Hand,You know this band!
Remember Sam The Sham?Remember the name of Sam the Sham's band?
That's what I like!
When You Walk in The Room,Band that covered this Jackie DeShannon song
Sunny Afternoon,Song by one of the best bands ever
A-Wop-Bop A-Loo-Bop, A-Lop-Bam-BoomLyric from this 50s classic
That's what I like.
I like Sugar, Sugar,'Sugar, Sugar' by?
Talk, Talk,Before the band Talk Talk did 'Talk Talk' there was this band?
Money, Honey, BoardwalkThey did 'Money Honey' and 'Under the Boardwalk'
Who wears Short Shorts? (We wear Short Shorts!)'Short Shorts' artist
That's what I like!

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