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Year (Init)MovieAwards
1954 SCostumes
1950 SaDArt Direction, Costumes
1936 SFSound
1965 TSSong
1973 StTActor
1998 SPRDirector, Cinematography, Sound Effects, Sound Editing, Film Editing
1957 SSupporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Art Direction, Sound
1992 SoaWActor
1993 SLPicture, Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, Score, Film Editing, Art Direction
1935 TSStory
1948 TSStory, Juvenile Performance*
2014 SSong
1995 SaSScreenplay
1958 STActor, Supporting Actress
1941 SYActor, Film Editing
1954 SBfSBMusic
1951 SDtNWriting
1946 TSVScreenplay
1927 7HDirector, Writing
1971 SSong
1998 SiLPicture, Actress, Supporting Actress, Screenplay, Costumes, Art Direction, Score
1975 SSupporting Actress
1953 SCinematography
1932 SECinematography
2018 TSoWPicture, Director, Production Design, Score
1949 SWaYRCinematography
1996 SActor
1965 SoFCinematography, Art Direction
2001 SAnimated Feature
2004 SScreenplay
1991 TSotLPicture, Director, Actor, Actress, Screenplay
2012 SLPActress
1931 TSoMCActress
1944 SYWAMusic
1931 SDirector
2012 SSong, Sound Editing
1999 SHArt Direction
1996 SBScreenplay
2008 SMPicture, Director, Cinematography, Screenplay, Score, Song, Film Editing, Sound Mixing
1948 TSPSound
2010 TSNScreenplay, Score, Film Editing
1956 TSGCCostume Design
1959 SLIHCostume Design
1956 SUTLMCinematography, Art Direction
1943 TSoBActress, Cinematography, Art Direction, Music
1947 SotSSong, Special*
1960 SWEMusic
1960 SaLCinematography
1982 SCActress
1965 TSoMPicture, Director, Music, Sound Mixing, Film Editing
1958 SPSound
1960 SSupporting Actor, Cinematography, Arrt Direction, Costumes
2015 SSong
1994 SSound Editing, Sound Mixing
1945 SMusic
2004 S-M2Visual Effects
2002 SAAnimated Feature
1961 SitGWriting
2015 SPicture, Screenplay
1939 SSupporting Actor, Music
1953 S1Actor
1937 ASiBWriting, Special*
1976 ASiBSong
2009 STMakeup
1977 SWArt Direction, Costumes, Score, Film Editing, Sound, Visual Effects
1945 SFSong
2014 SAActress
1973 TSPicture, Director, Writing, Art Direction, Costumes, Film Editing, Music
1936 TSoLPActor, Screenplay, Story
1949 TSSWriting
1928 SAActress
1951 ASNDActress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Art Direction
1940 SUtBSound
1968 TSWRSupporting Actor
2017 SSMakeup
1971 So4Score
1927 SUnique and Artistic Picture
1950 SBWriting, Art Direction, Music
1975 TSBSupporting Actor
1941 SActress
2007 ST:TDBoFSArt Direction
1962 SBoYSupporting Actor
1936 STSong
2005 SSupporting Actor

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