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QUIZ: Can you name the words and names using only the letters BEFOREVER?

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Budweiser, Molson's or Guinness
Penultimate, in relation to ultimate
Item worn after bed or bath
At no cost
Part of speech that 'is' is.
Coral barrier
Word with 'Saturday Night' or 'Dr. Johnny'
Opponent of Wade, in US law
Item to attach a key or watch to
Change direction to avoid a collision
Travel far and wide
US Midnight Ride patriot
Drill a hole
Cartoon stepbrother of Phineas
Second longest river in Spain, after the Tagus
Rapper's 'meaty' grudge
A charge for services
Cooled cargo container (or cannabis)
'I'm finished', in radio communication
Artificial resonance of music
Dutch settler of South Africa
Deposit of desirable minerals or metal
Intense feeling or passion
A town administrator or an overseer
Allude to
Make a boo boo

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