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Can you name the Dec 2013 MAD Magazine contest celebrities?

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Pink for girls, blue for boys (as it was back in Roger Kaputnik's day)
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MAD HintCelebrity
Nappy-changing royalty K.M.
Meth-od actor B.C.
A.P., bitch!
The poor man's Lady Gaga, K.
Odd Future's E.S.
Yankee Villain A.R.
Noted physicist K.U.
The Walking Dead's A.L.
P. 'Don't call me Pig Vomit' G.
Stand-up guy P.O.
Metrosexual Misogynist S.M.
L.D. or any of the girls from Girls
K.S., who was Keyser Söze - SPOILER!
Whipped cream artist K.P.
Big fat liar P.D.
Ugly loser T.B.
Pretty, pretty man R.G.
The 123-year old man, C.F.L. (hurry!)
Potion pusher Dr. O.
Professional creepazoid M.S.
Twitchy weirdo C.W.
Any Expendable
Pistol packin' W.L.
J.P. (Bazinga!)
Bristly Brit G.R.
MAD HintCelebrity
Famed chair-spinner A.L.
Archery enthusiast J.L.
Either of those H. boys (C or L)
Sorkin-talker O.M.
Nerd fetishist Z.D.
Tween terror C.M.
Former Pope B. (Pope Francis will NOT be accepted)
Tiny miracle P.D.
Mobster W.B. (there are visitations!)
Russian scaredy-cat E.S.
Mariah-nemesis N.M.
Blood-sucker A.S.
Third Rock From the Sun's J.G-L.
Harry Potter author R.G.
Smut-peddler E.L.J.
Chatty nerd I.G.
Apple-shiller T.C.
Sir I.M. (with or without robe and wizard hat)
D. 'Not the Rock' J.
Bearded bozo C.D.
Ray Donovan's L.S.
Community Cutie A.B.
Hunger Games scribe S.C.
Bug-eyed bully S.B.
Anchorman of the people W.F.

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