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Can you name the missing words in Edward Lear's Nonsense Alphabet?

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RhymeMissing Word
The Absolutely Abstemious ___,
who resided in a Barrell, and only lived on
Soda Water and Pickled Cucumbers.
The Bountiful ______,
who always carried a Green Umbrella when it didn't rain,
and left it at home when it did.
The Comfortable Confidential ___,
who sate in her Red Morocco Arm Chair and
toasted her own Bread at the parlour Fire.
The Dolomphious ____,
who caught Spotted Frogs for her dinner
with a Runcible Spoon.
The Enthusiastic ________,
who ferried himself across the water with the
Kitchen Poker and a New pair of Ear-rings.
The fizzgiggious ____,
who always walked about upon Stilts,
because he had no legs.
The Goodnatured Grey ____,
who carried the Old Owl, and his Crimson Carpet-bag,
across the river, because he could not swim.
The Hasty Higgeldipiggledy ___,
who went to market in a Blue Bonnet and Shawl,
and bought a Fish for her Supper.
The Inventive ______,
who caught a Remarkable Rabbit in a
Stupendous Silver Spoon.
The Judicious Jubilant ___,
who did up her Black Hair every morning with a Wreath of Roses,
Three feathers, and a Good Pin.
The Kicking ________,
who wore a Pale Pink Muslin dress
with Blue spots.
The Lively Learned _______,
who mended his own Clothes with
a Needle and a Thread.
The melodious Meritorious _____,
who played a merry minuet on the
RhymeMissing Word
The Nutritious ____,
who purchased a Round Plum-pudding
for his grand-daughter.
The Obsequious Ornamental _______,
who wore Boots to keep his
feet quite dry.
The Perpendicular Purple _____,
who read the Newspaper and ate Parsnip Pie
with his Spectacles.
The Queer Querulous _____,
who smoked a Pipe of tobacco on the top of
a Tin Tea-kettle.
The Rural Runcible _____,
who wore a White Wig and flew away
with the Carpet Broom.
The Scroobious _____,
who always wore a Hat on his Head, for
fear he should bite anybody.
The Tumultuous Tom-tommy ________,
who beat a Drum all day long in the
middle of the wilderness.
The Umbrageous ________-maker,
whose Face nobody ever saw, because it was
always covered by his ________.
The Visibly Vicious _______,
who wrote some Verses to a Veal-cutlet in a
Volume bound in Vellum.
The Worrying Whizzing ____,
who stood on a Table, and played sweetly on a
Flute with a Morning Cap.
The Excellent Double-extra __
imbibing King Xerxes, who lived a
long while ago.
The ________________,
whose head was ever so much bigger than his
Body, and whose Hat was rather small.
The Zigzag Zealous _____,
who carried five Monkeys on his back all
the way to Jellibolee.

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