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This landlocked European country has the International Direct Dialling code 41
Roman Numeral for 41
Chicago Bear who's #41 was retired when he succumbed to cancer
The 41st President of the USA
Charlton Heston was slave 41 in this movie
Canadian Band with hit 'Fat Lip' ____ 41
New York Mets Hall of Fame pitcher who wore #41
The next highest prime number after 41
Element 41 on the periodic table
Symphony #41 is the last symphony of this composer
The 41st state to join the USA
Cary Grant is attacked by a crop-duster on Highway 41 in this movie
41 is the number worn by this Briton when he was the first to run a 4 minute mile
What is 41 in hexadecimal format?
Braves Hall of Fame third baseman who wore #41
41 is the sum of three consecutive prime numbers. Which is the largest?
This Roman Emperor was assassinated in the year 41
American Skin (41 Shots) is a song by this New Jersey rocker

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