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Can you name the answers that end in Ray or a Homophone of Ray?

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'Are You Jimmy Ray?' singer
What a doctor may use to get a picture of your bones
'Call Me Maybe' singer Jepsen
Tube in old TVs and computer monitors
Largest of the ray fish
Miley's Achy Breaky dad
Sally Field's Oscar-winning title character
Female celebrity chef and Food Network host
Pop singer who had 1950s hits such as 'Cry'
Late blues-rock guitarist Vaughn - 'Pride and Joy'
King Kong took her along
This fish lent it's name to a popular Corvette model
Boxers Robinson or Leonard
High frequency electromagnetic radiation
Infielder Evan Longoria or pitcher Alex Cobb
Guitarist who had instrumental hits 'Rumble' and 'Rawhide'
High-energy particles from outside the Solar System
'Big Mouth' actress, comedienne and singer
Actress who played Edna Garrett on 'The Facts of Life'
Creator, with his wife Margret, of the 'Curious George' series

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