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Can you name the people referred to by Tim Curry in the 1979 song 'I Do the Rock'?

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Female British poet who wrote
'Still Falls the Rain'
Novelist brother of the above
Novelist and poet; brother of the above 2
American woman who was an art patron and hosted a famed Jazz Age Parisian salon
Avante-Gardist, lover of the above
Member of the Beatles who wrote 'Imagine'
Japanese artist who married the above
Scottish singer of 'Da Ya Think I'm Sexy'
Lead singer of the Rolling Stones
Russian author of 'The Gulag Archipelago'
German philosopher; concepts included Übermensch (Superman) and Will To Power
Physicist best known for the formula e = mc2
Held the baseball career home run record until it was broken by Hank Aaron in 1974
Hall of fame pitcher with a spinny nickname who won 30 games for St Louis in 1934
Often considered Northern Ireland's greatest footballer. 'Maradona good; Pelé better; …'
English cricketer 1954-1976 was the first to play 100 test matches.
'Little Mo' was the #1 ranked female tennis player from 1952-1954
The only British woman to win titles at all four grand slam events (singles and doubles)
The NCAA Div I all-time leading scorer played most of his NBA career with the Hawks and Jazz
NFL star now best remembered for his double-murder trial
New York Yankees star outfielder who married Marilyn Monroe
Legendary Notre Dame Football coach; 'Win one for the Gipper' is from his autobiographical movie
Oft-married star of 'National Velvet' and 'Butterfield-8'
Welsh actor, twice married to the above actress, had 7 Academy Award nominations
Bond girl from 'The Man With the Golden Gun' was married to Peter Sellers
'Cabaret' star; daughter of Judy Garland.
Original member of 'Charlie's Angels'
Original member of 'Charlie's Angels'
Original member of 'Charlie's Angels'
Younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II
Gardening expert and journalist who had an eight year affair with the above
'Saturday Night Fever' and 'Pulp Fiction' actor
Present day California governor who also governed the state from 1975 to 1983
California singer had big 70s hits, mostly remakes like 'You're No Good' and 'Blue Bayou'
Gossip columnist, lent her name to 'Hollywood Magazine'
The reigning monarch of the British Commonwealth
US President form Plains, Georgia
Israeli Prime Minister who won the Nobel Peace Prize for the Camp David accords
Egyptian President who won the Nobel Peace Prize for the Camp David accords
Soviet Union General Secretary who led that country from 1964-1982
Chinese leader from 1978-1992
Leader of the Cuban revolution, he ruled the country for over 40 years
Despot who ruled Uganda brutally 1971-1979
Monarch who was overthrown by the 1979 Iranian revolution

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