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Can you name the words and names that only have the letter N as a consonant?

Quiz Updated Oct 10, 2014

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Clue (Length)Answer
Lightswitch setting (2)
Article before a vowel (2)
Enclosed or surrounded (2)
Song by U2, Metallica or Three Dog Night (3)
Lennon's wife (3)
Spanish number or card game (3)
Catholic Sister (3)
Extremely long time (3)
Keanu Reeves' Matrix character (3)
Bill, the Science Guy (3)
Not any (4)
Number of baseball fielding positions (4)
Clue (Length)Answer
12:00 PM (4)
One of Columbus' ships (4)
Green Gables girl (4)
____, Meeny, Miney, Moe (4)
A noble gas (4)
Tolstoy's Karenina (4)
Satirical news site named for a vegetable (5)
Child care provider (5)
Idiot, dolt (5)
Musical featuring 'Tomorrow' (5)
Organized Labour unit (5)
Whichever person (6)

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