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Can you name the films that start with M and have won Academy Awards?

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*The title is initials. The following categories will give bonus answers: Foreign Language, Documentary, Short Subject. Type the word BONUSES to see all bonus answers.
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Year (Init)MovieAwards
2015 MM:FRCostumes, Makeup, Production Design, Film Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing
1994 TMoKGArt Direction
1966 AMaaWWriting, Foreign Language
1966 AMfASPicure, Director, Actor, Screenplay, Cinematography, Costumes
1956 TMWKTMSong
2017 MbtSActor, Screenplay
1934 MMStory
2006 MACostumes
1945 M-LScreenplay
1969 MVisual Effects
1955 MPicture, Director, Actor, Writing
1964 MPActress, Score, Song, Visual Effects, Editing
1970 M*Screenplay
1985 MMakeup
2003 MaC:TFSotWCinematography, Sound
1999 TMVisual Effects, Film Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Effects
1980 MaHSupporting Actress
2005 MoaGCinematography, Art Direction, Costumes
1997 MiBMakeup
1934 TMWArt Direction
2007 MCSupporting Actress
1969 MCPicture, Director, Screenplay
1978 MEMusic, Score, Writing
2011 MiPScreenplay
1935 AMNDCinematography, Film Editing
1995 MASupporting Actress
1949 MJYVisual Effects
1988 TMBWMusic, Score
1945 MPActress
2008 MActor, Screenplay
2004 MDBPicture, Director, Actress, Supporting Actor
1931 MaBActress
1947 Mo3SSupporting Actor, Story, Screenplay
1962 TMWActress, Supporting Actress
1990 MActress
1982 MWriting
1986 TMCinematography
1988 MBCinematography
1955 MRSupporting Actor
2003 MActress
2001 MBActress
2001 MISong
2017 MPicture, Supporting Actor, Screenplay
1987 MActress, Supporting Actress, Screenplay
1943 TMtMSupporting Actor
1933 MGActress
1947 MWTScore
2004 TMDSong
1952 MRArt Direction, Costumes
2001 MRArt Direction, Costumes
1936 MDGtTDirector
1939 MSGtWWriting
1993 MDMakeup
1942 MMPicture, Director, Actress, Supporting Actress, Writing, Cinematography
2011 TMSong
1974 MotOESupporting Actress
1962 TMMScore
1935 MotBPicture
1992 MCVSupporting Actress
1964 MFLPicture, Director, Actor, Cinematography, Sound, Score, Art Direction, Costumes
1942 MGSArt Direction
1989 MLFActor, Supporting Actress
2003 MRActor, Supporting Actor

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