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Can you name the words and names that only have the letter 'L' as a consonant?

Quiz Updated Jan 15, 2014

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Clue (Length)Answer
Often precedes 'and behold!' (2)
Bundy, Kaline or Roker (2)
Actor Bruce ___ of 'Enter the Dragon' (3)
Fib (3)
Pub draught (3)
Hawaiian garland (3)
Unagi (3)
Word with Olive, Baby or Crude (3)
Cancer follower (3)
2010 Denzel Movie 'The Book of ___' (3)
British toilet (3)
Boxer who was once Clay (3)
Beset by sickness (3)
Bud Abbott and ___ Costello (3)
Clue (Length)Answer
Short period of inactivity (4)
Kinks hit about a transvestite (4)
Jazz singer Fitzgerald (4)
Ex Mr. Julia Roberts, ____ Lovett (4)
Covered in grease (4)
Easter plant (4)
Pharmaceutical plant (4)
Waikiki cookout (4)
Han Solo's love (4)
Fashion mag or model MacPherson (4)
Compatriot in battle (4)
Garlic mayonnaise (5)
FX show starring Louis C.K. (5)
British iced treat (popsicle) (5)

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