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Can you name the words that have Z as their third letter?

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Most common form of dementiaA
Portable anti-tank weaponB
Post-impressionist French Painter ('Basket of Fruit')C
13 items in a baker's _____D
Complex protein that causes chemical reactionsE
Growth on peaches or adolescent cheeksF
African antelopeG
Foggy; not easily discernableH
British comedian EddieI
New Orleans musicJ
After Russia, the largest of the ex-Soviet republicsK
Geckos and skinks are this type of animalL
Pizza cheeseM
Childhood home of JesusN
Greek anise-based liquorO
Candy that comes in a cartoon figure dispenserP
Variant spelling of a native of the K countryQ
Tool used for whisker trimmingR
Length and breadthS
State of nervous excitementT
Expand a compressed fileU
Muslim minister or officialV
Dumbledore or GandalfW
'From ABC to ___'X
Nickname of a Red Sox great or 80s British BandY
Lion King hornbillZ

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