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Can you name the 3 and 4 letter words that make up this IMDb themed ladder?

Updated Oct 15, 2014

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Three-Letter Ladder
☼ Lust is a deadly one ☼ 
Wrestler's winning move 
A vulture's 'carrion luggage' is an example 
A Big Mac sesame seed location 
Plant a listening device 
★ Hanks 1988 fantasy film ★ 
An eighth of a byte 
Trim and healthy 
Newton fruit 
☐ Results are from 1 - 6 if you throw this ☐ 
Bambi's mom was one 
Do this to your I's when you cross your T's 
'Do. Or do ___. There is no try' 
● Gross, after taxes ● 
Four-Letter Ladder
☼ Metropolis ☼ 
Feel sad for 
The essence of a matter 
Accompanied by 
'When You ____ Upon a Star' 
★ Snapper or turbot ★ 
Aggressive hand position 
Do without food 
Break wind 
'Sunglasses at Night''s Corey 
☐ More difficult than Medium ☐ 
Dick Grayson's relationship to Bruce Wayne 
Raise an alert 
Torn and frayed 
● An erg is a unit of this ●  

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