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Aussie band fronted by Bon Scott, then Brian Johnson
Partner of Oates
Country music's Clint
Richie Valens' biopic was titled after this hit song
Somalia-born artist hit with 'Wavin' The Flag'
Don't complain about how overplayed this Lady has been, Just Dance
The power trio usually consists of guitar, drums and this instrument
This band has had over 30 number one hits on the country music charts
This latin dance is a cultural symbol of Brazil
Bryan had big hits with 'Run To You' and 'Summer of 69'
Despite breaking up in 1982, this Swedish band stills sells 2 million records annually
MC Lyte song that hit #1 on the Rap Charts in 1989; also a Cuban dance
British mods had their biggest US hit with 'Town Called Malice'
'The Look of Love' and 'When Smokey Sings' band
Full name of the actor who leads Tenacious D
Brazilian dance for couples that was in vogue in the late 80's
1988 film that was named for a Cuban dance with a spicy name
Jazz's Herbie, pop songwriter Barry or the Earth Band's Manfred
Before his big hit 'Seasons In The Sun' Terry performed with his wife Susan
Lisa Simpson sang this Carole King song in tribute to Bleeding Gums Murphy
Lead singer of Rufus, performed 'I Feel For You' solo
Narrative poem set to music. The 'power' format is popular with hard rock bands
Michael Jackson's follow-up to 'Thriller'
The only #1 song for the band 'Boston'
Performed 'Dust In The Wind' and 'Carry On Wayward Son'
Performed with Denny Doherty, and John and Michelle Phillips
Instrument played by Clarence Clemons, Candy Dulfer and Poly Styrene
The Man in Black
Wrote 'My Way' and Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show' theme
'Killing Me Softly With His Song' artist Roberta
Band promoted as 'The only band that matters!'
Opera soprano Maria, not to be confused with comedian Charlie
Springsteen song that starts 'Lights out tonight...'
Cellist and conductor Pablo, best known for his Cello suites of the following artist's work
German composer of 'The Brandenburg Concertos'
1950's revival band performed at Woodstock and had their own TV show from 1977-81
American hardcore punk band; singles inclue 'Louie, Louie' and 'TV Party'
Genesis hit song and album from 1981

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