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Who is the antagonist of Shakespeare's OtHELLo?
MicHELLe was released on which Beatles' album?
Which iconic horror figure was created by Mary SHELLey?
'You had me at HELLo' is a quote from which movie?
Dennis MitcHELL is a character in which comic strip?
Who is the host of the HELL's Kitchen cooking show?
Which 1961 Joseph HELLer novel's title has become synonymous with a no-win situation?
Art SHELL became the NFL's first African-American head coach in 1989 with which team?
Which strait between the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara was formerly called The HELLespont?
The HELLbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis),
is a giant what?
Maximilian ScHELL won a Best Actor Oscar in 1961 for his role in which movie?
Which country do its inhabitants call HELLas?
Which sitcom had a fictional film and Broadway show named RocHELLe, RocHELLe?
HELLboy is a 2004 comic book-based film starring which actor?
HELLy Hansen is a sportswear company based in which country?
What is sHELLac produced from?
What is the capital of The SeycHELLes?

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