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Can you name the films that start with G and have won Academy Awards?

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Year (Init)MovieAwards
1982 GPicture, Director, Actor, Writing, Art Direction, Cinematography, Costumes, Editing
1944 GActress, Art Direction
1954 GoHForeign Language/Costumes
1934 TGDMusic
1947 GAPicture, Director, Supporting Actress
2018 GOScreenplay
1990 GSupporting Actress, Screenplay
1996 TGatDSound
1956 GDirector
1958 GPicture, Director, Screenplay, Art, Cinematography, Costumes, Editing, Score, Song
1999 GISupporting Actress
2011 TGwtDTEditing
2000 GPicture, Actor, Visual Effects, Costumes, Sound
1954 TGMSSound
1989 GSupporting Actor, Cinematography, Sound
1972 TGPicture, Actor, Screenplay
1974 TGP2Picture, Director, Supporting Actor, Writing, Music, Art Direction
1998 GaMScreenplay
1944 GMWPicture, Director, actor, Supporting Actor, Screenplay, Story, Song
1935 GDo1Song
2007 TGCVisual Effects
1964 GSound Effects
1939 GwtWPicture, Director, Actress, Screenplay, Supporting Actress, Cinematography, Editing, Art Direction
1937 TGEActress, Cinematography
Year (Init)MovieAwards
1997 GWHSupporting Actor, Screenplay
1977 TGGActor
1939 GMCActor
1990 GSupporting Actor
2001 GPScreenplay
1967 TGDirector
2015 TGBHCostumes, Makeup, Score, Production Design
1932 GHPicture
1966 GPSound Effects, Editing , Sound
1940 TGoWDirector, Supporting Actress
2013 GDirector, Cinematography, Visual Effects, Editing, Score, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing
1951 TGCSound
1947 GEArt Direction, Cinematography
1974 TGGCostumes, Music
2013 TGGCostumes, Production Design
1941 TGLSupporting Actress
1940 TGMScreenplay
1965 TGRSound
1938 TGWCinematography
1936 TGZPicture, Actress, Dance
1952 TGSoEPicture, Story
1947 GDSVisual Effects
1967 GWCtDActress, Screenplay
1961 TGoNSpecial Effects

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