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Can you name the four letter words and names that end with Z?

Quiz Updated Nov 11, 2016

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Female lead in The Green Hornet and Being John Malkovich
Drew Carey's beer or Homer Simpson's cola
Peach covering, or 60s slang for the police
Cracker named for a swanky hotel
Supergroup that never was - Heavy D and the ____ II Men
Saddam Hussein's foreign minister Tariq
Effervesce, like soda pop
German engineer who got his first automobile patent in 1886
Singer Taio and actress Penélope share this surname
To whir through the air, or someone who is easily successful
DreamWorks movie featuring Woody Allen and Sly Stallone
Nickname for Henry Winkler's Happy Days role
Dizzy Gillespie's musical field
You are doing one right now
'I'm Yours' was a 2008 hit for singer Jason
Relief pitcher JJ is no schmuck, though he's named like one
Ferdinand de Lesseps' canal, opened in 1869
Boston Marathon cheater Rosie or Phillies catcher Carlos
Joan's biggest hit song begins 'Virgil Caine is my name...'
Second largest city in Austria
Jump in which a skater takes off from one skate,
rotates, and lands on the other

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