Constant Consonants: F&G

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Can you name the words and names that only have the letter F or only have the letter G as a consonant?

Updated Feb 13, 2015

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Clue (Letter-Length)Answer
Scale note (F-2)
'A Song __ Ice And Fire' (F-2)
Start of a logical comparison (F-2)
Lummox (F-3)
The Riddler, to Batman (F-3)
Word with Finders, User or Greens (F-3)
The sixth letter of the alphabet, spelled out (F-3)
Old-fashioned exclamation of disdain (F-3)
Small, high-pitched flute (F-4)
'____ and the Flowertots' (F-4)
Scheduled performance for a band (G-3)
It definitely came before the chicken (G-3)
Brand of sheepskin boots (G-3)
Jazz, Iron or Ice time (G-3)
Clue (Letter-Length)Answer
Golly! (G-3)
Slimy stuff (G-3)
Ismaili Imam, ___ Khan (G-3)
In the past (G-3)
Narrow 'S' shaped curve (G-4)
Leslie Caron / Maurice Chevalier movie (G-4)
Old word for a fever (G-4)
Pop of Punk Rock (G-4)
Lady who was 'Born This Way' (G-4)
In the '60s, word with Girl, Dancer or Boots (G-4)
Greek goddess who personifies the Earth (G-4)
Measurement device for fuel etc (G-5)
To roughly dig a hole or groove (G-5)
Toy marble made of agate (G-5)

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