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Can you name the two word terms that are initialed 'F.F.'?

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First, Captain Kirk calls Space this, then he goes on about his 5 year mission
Facility for aquaculture; salmon, carp and tilapia are commonly raised there
Frontman Dave Grohl formed this band after the dissolution of Nirvana
Full-length movie
Fast food made from sliced potatoes cooked in hot oil.
Flames and smoke won't deter these public servants from rescuing citizens
Fatally shot in Sarajevo, this Austrian Archduke's assassination precipitated World War I
Father Donald, mother Melania and son Barron together have this unofficial title
Feather-haired Jill Munro was portrayed on Charlie's Angels by this actress
Featured in 'A River Runs Through It' this form of angling doesn't require a boat
Fullbacks and halfbacks play here. In the US, so do quarterbacks; in the UK, strikers.
Featuring a combination of daring and gross stunts, this reality show was hosted by Joe Rogan
Feline mascot Tony the Tiger shills this Kellogg's cereal
Franklin Roosevelt spoke of these tenets of liberty in a 1941 address
Finding these tiny insects buzzing around your bananas and berries is annoying
Figuring out what 'The Survey Says' is the aim of this long-running game show
Fire, invisibility, super-stretching and incredible strength are the powers possessed by these super heroes
Flashing big hats, outlandish glasses and oversized clocks, this rapper added some levity to Public Enemy
Frog Chorus Conductor and Head of Ravenclaw are two other titles for the Hogwarts Charms prof
Frequently, a movie hero's potential downfall is this type of sultry woman
Five-time Emmy-nominated actress, for the role of Corky Sherwood on Murphy Brown
Films directed by this Italian include Satyricon and Amarcord
Frantic shark feast
Form of screen nudity that involves baring everything
Fast-flowing water, caused by sudden heavy rainfall or a burst dam
Four-engined heavy bomber, the Boeing B-17 was called this
Franchise of role-playing video games first released for Nintendo in 1987
Free air travel is awarded to passengers who rack up a lot of miles in this type of program.
Friends Julian, Dick, Anne, George and their dog Timmy are the subjects of this Enid Blyton series
Fiddles, tin whistles and acoustic guitars can be heard at this traditional music gathering
From the Town of Bedrock, this animated patriarch was a page right out of history
Future generations may be able to deflect attacks with this invisible barrier, but we can't
Footwear for the beach; or changes ones mind on an important issue
Funnyman Andrew Dice Clay starred as this car-named detective in a 1990 comedy
Fantasy and Sci-Fi artist who helped define the genre with his Conan paintings
For eight years (1975-1983) this Tejano singer had 21 country hits, including 'Wasted Days and Wasted Nights'
Flinging one's lunch around gained popularity when this activity was featured in the Animal House cafeteria scene
Following Centerfold, the title track from that song's album was the J Geils Band's biggest hit

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